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Mystery Dramas Impressions "reduced price"

A cinematic collage with freely arranged excerpts and impressions from the dramas.

The collection consists of the following parts

By inward gazing on the Beingless …

The Souls Probation - scene 1

Marias path into her own past

The Souls Probation - scene 2, 7, 11

Straders realization of loneliness and uncertainty

The Souls Probation - scene 4 and 8

Visions and human goals in the course of time

The Souls Probation - scene 7; The Souls Awakening - scene 13

The realm of Lucifer – The realm of Ahriman

The Guardian of the Threshold - scene 3 and 8

For that which must will surely come to pass …

The Guardian of the Threshold - scene 8 and 9; The Souls Awakening - scene 4 and 11

The healthy power of language - Felicia Balde and Capesius

The Souls Probation - scene 5 and 8; The Souls Awakening - scene 7

Ahrimans intentions and goals

The Souls Awakening - scene 12 and 15

The Mystery Dramas and the Anthroposophical Society

Lecture by Peter Selg

The Cosmology and Anthroposophy of Dialog

Lecture by Wolfgang Held

"Forces that are useful in mechanics ..." - On encounter with Ahriman

Lecture by Peter Selg

Conversations with ensembles members

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